Smoky Quartz Water Bottle

Smoky Quartz Water Bottle

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Heard of very extreme mood swings or perhaps way too restlessness? We present to you its forever-relevant remedy. The smoky quartz crystal bottle does the same thing the smokey-eyes in the make-up industries do. It boosts and stabilizes confidence, increases courage and validates one’s strength. It washes away every form of negativity, replaces it with positive vibes. Its healing virtues. It also ensures continuous happiness.

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A predominantly grounding and anchoring stone, smoky quartz is an extremely good healing stone. It estimates all negative energy and amplifies positivity and truth. If you looking for a way to stay true to yourself and discover your inner self this is the right stone for you. It holds onto our aura and anchors it to earth not letting it get lost in the busy world.

The white stone in the realm of dark stones forms a connection with the spiritual lives elevating all the surrounding aura. It only purpose us to shed light on the path of darkness to rediscover yourself and bringing positivity in your lives.

Smoky quartz crystals link with the healing mechanism of the earth synchronizing with its vibration. This link with nature makes it a powerful gemstone. The radiation coming out of it purifies the surrounding paving a way for a changed positive individual. It is quite common to fall in the trap of unlikely things, it does an excellent job training and amplifying your aura, purifying and cleaning it from any negativity.

A very interesting feature of the stone is that it can neutralize the geopathic and electromagnetic stress. Addiction to electrical devices which is very popular in this digital age, it can be reduced by using this stone. It brings you back to nature and helps you form a relationship with Mother Nature.

It is a powerful cleanser and a detoxifier. It forms a harmony with the spiritual entity to provide guidance on a better life. The healing power soothes any past emotional pains and helps to overcome it. Hold on to the crystal to inhibit the calming sensations in your body and mind to maintain peace.

Properties of Smoky Quartz Crystal

The exceptional healing properties help to reduce any form of emotional, mental and physical pains. It reduces tension and the radiation from the light crystal neutralize the negative energies and amplify the positive energies. It facilitates to form a relationship with the spiritual realm. The link between both the realm stimulates your inner strength to grow and enables you to come back to a healthy lifestyle without any reminiscence of past worries.

The grounding properties make you feel that earth is your home. It gives you a sense of belonging and stay rooted to the ground. It reflects a genuine in your approach to other people. Since its relationship with the higher crown chakra is phenomenal, it keeps the spiritual plane connected with the earth plane.

Use this stone to have positivity in your life. A natural antidepressant, it keeps you away from negative energies like jealousy, anger and frustration, and channels it through a positive medium. It heals you, grounds you and anchors you down to the celestial world yet form a powerful connection with the spiritual realm.

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Weight 1.10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 cm

Natural crystal, stainless steel, glass

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