Clear Quartz Water Bottle

Clear Quartz Water Bottle

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World-widely known as The Healing Master, Clear quartz crystal has the power to elevate inspiration levels and increase creativity. It has the characteristic power of clearing the mind, spirit, soul, and heart of any obstruction or foggy-clogging ideas. It helps set the day in the right direction to increase the productivity level. It is a good fatigue cure. As the name implies, it gives clarity to the confused mind and makes the heavyhearted lighthearted.

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Clear Quartz Crystal is the most common crystal found all around the world. It primarily consists of silicon which is widely popular and can be found on every continent. Due to its abundance, Clear Quartz is found in several ancient myths, folklores, cultures, and rituals.

The word ‘quartz’ is derived from the Greek word which means ‘ice’. The meaning of clear quartz differs from one country to another. The ancient Greeks used to believe that the clear quartz is a form of permanent transparent ice.

Whereas, in Japan, it is considered as the symbol of purity and patience. In Central and South America they believe that the spirits of the ancestors are held inside the clear quartz whereas in Scotland they believe that the quartz has metaphysical elements to heal cattle.

Uses and Healing Properties of Clear Quartz Crystal

The clear quartz crystal possesses hydroelectric properties by which it can transform mechanical energy like heat and pressure to electromagnetic energy. Its abilities lie in storing, transforming, focus and amplifying the energy which is used widely in the technical world in phones, watches, radio transmitters, memory chips, and other ultrasound devices.

The property of amplification is one of the chief features. It not only amplifies the electronic devices but also the amplifies the energy harvested inside our mind. To enable the quartz to act according to your intention and manifest the properties, it needs to be surrounded by your energy. Hold on the stone and transfer your intentions to the quartz. The quartz will comprehend your intentions and manifest it with it’s about to amplify. However, it is important to note that quartz will comprehend all the energies be it good or bad in a similar way and amplify it accordingly. So it is important to maintain positive energy while using the stone.

The properties quartz makes it able to connect with all chakras and especially in activating the crown chakra making it a master healer. The crown chakra is one of the important chakras which controls how we think and perceive our surrounding situations. It transforms negative energies into positive. Any negative emotions like anger, frustrations or jealousy, it subdues the impact and enhances the positive energies like kindness, love, and affection.

Its metaphysical properties provide a wider perception to receive the surroundings. Resonating with the chakras and working in a harmonized way, it facilitates a better understanding and communications with others. If you’re suffering from negative thoughts clouding your mind, hold it in your palm to amplify positive thoughts and clear your mind. The clear quartz eliminates the energy blockages and allows the energies to flow through the body.

You can use it of meditating purpose. Transfer and implement your intentions with the help of mantra. Repeat it while holding on to the stone to have a clearer perspective and strengthen your purpose.

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Natural crystal, stainless steel, glass

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