Black Obsidian Water Bottle

Black Obsidian Water Bottle

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The Black obsidian water bottle is a good antidote to the poisoned mind, mentally stressed and tensed people. It boosts confidence at the discovery or finding out of self’s ability to forgive, and forge on. The black obsidian helps in exploring new ideas and not getting overwhelmed with them. It gives a clear cut pattern on how to plan and make headway in putting plans into actualization.

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Light and darkness are correlated with each other. Just like we can’t see daylight without passing through the darkness, in real life we can’t see happiness without passing through dark times. Undoubtedly darkness is terrifying and scary so if you ever feel attracted to Black Obsidian Crystal, it is probably because of your soul and mind which needs cleansing and protection from any dark thoughts.

Black Obsidian act as a mirror that does it’s best to show you the real reflection of your inner self. It protects individuals from dark thoughts like anger, addiction, and fear and provides deep cleansing of the mind. Its property is linked with darkness. It helps to identify the dark side and its healing property protect from such darkness by shedding light on it.

Black Obsidian Crystals boosts positivity in mind, body, and soul. It blocks the incoming of negative energy and provides deep psychic cleansing. Feel refreshed, calm, peaceful and positive with the Black Obsidian crystal.

Black Obsidian rocks are formed from molten lava that had cool down very quickly and wasn’t able to go through the process of forming glass. This is the reason why it is also called volcanic glass. Back in the Paleolithic times, obsidian was used to make various tools like arrowheads. There are various types of Black Obsidian crystals due to variation of minerals, ranging from different colors to different types.


  • Obsidian possess a powerful grounding property. At times you might feel lost or feel your mind is overloaded with several thoughts and there is no possible outcome. The feeling of loss, dejected and sadness enveloped with anger, frustration, and anxiety is enough to push you away from the normal way of life. It is common to feel lonely and depressed in such a situation. 
  • The Obsidian crystal’s grounding property helps you to stay rooted in the ground. It helps you to synchronize the physical world with the spiritual world restoring peace and harmony.
  • The obsidian crystal resonates strongly with the root chakra. The function of the root chakra is to stabilize all the energy in the system. By linking the properties of obsidian with the root chakra, it enables to accumulate earth’s energy and strengthen the healing mechanism. The powerful vibration of the crystals helps in grounding yourself.
  • The incredibly powerful healing properties of obsidian crystal magnify due to transformative vibrations. It provides strength and patience to make the right decision and follow it with sincerity. The stabilizing property keeps all the thought process together. This helps to concentrate better despite the amount of time it might consume. 
  • Evening by simply gazing at it, it can clear your mind and reduce the negativity. Since it provides protection, security and eliminates negative energy, it is suggested to place it in office and home to improve the overall environment of the surrounding.
  • The crystal aids to connect with the spiritual world and contact your spirit guide for better direction in lives. 


Enjoy peace and positivity with Black Obsidian Crystal bottle.


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Weight 1.10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 cm

Natural crystal, stainless steel, glass

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