Why crystal bottles can be a life-changing buy for you?

Ever seen pure natural crystals? Ever had a feel of any? Well then, we present to you the crystal water bottle. It has these crystals deeply rooted and centrally placed in it. Many assume these water bottles just have any random stones in them and questions are popping up. Why? The questions get more interesting when they find out that these bottles cost quite a fortune. “Mere bottles”, some have quizzed. BUT you see, with us, you can purchase them nearby half the price than that of other sellers (if you know what we mean!).

Since centuries, the crystal infused water has been doing many wonders to the human mind, body and soul. Our crystals are fully non corrosive or erosive. So, you can choose your preferred bottle from wide range of bottle in our store. Since ancient times people are getting advantage out of the wide range of benefits of the crystals span from its characteristic healing properties, to ensuring happiness, rejuvenating the soul, bringing on positive vibes, protection and refuge. It’s also well known that some are suited for the success of love and relationships.

Those who have been using it have the testimonies. It is pure. It is natural. It is the way of healing without any effort!

Why you can buy the crystal bottle from us?

Our products are shipped to US locations only. No order is accepted from buyers outside the US.
We are available to chat online via Live support from 10 am to 3 pm, Pacific time or via email.
We help you save at least 45% than that of other sellers. Kindly check their prices and ours, if you do not agree.
We assure you that the product WILL reach your address within 5 to 17 days from placing the order or else, we refund you (conditions apply – refer to ‘Refund Policy’ page).
We deliver you the best quality product. You will never find us compromising with the quality.
We do not charge a penny to ship any item. We’ve got it covered for you.